The Farriers of Idaho Guild was formed in 1980 by a group of local Farriers who shared a vision of collective knowledge and continued education.















We hold several clinics each year, usually spring and fall, which include trimming and shoeing applications plus hands on forging by some of the top clinicians in the world.  


We hold periodic certification clinics sponsored by the American Farriers Association of which we are a member.


We also hold several Hammerins each year in which we get together at a local facility and practice forging techniques or share knowledge of trimming and shoeing horses.

Our organization offers something for all levels and disciplines of the Farriers science.​

Farriers of Idaho Guild is an organization dedicated to furthering the professional development of farriers,
to provide leadership and resources for the benefit of the farrier industry,
and improve the welfare of the horse through continuing education of farriers.
FIG is a chapter member of The American Farriers Association.



Continuing Education